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Nik Kershaw - I Won´t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (original), Tears For Fears - "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" - ORIGINAL VIDEO, ET The Extra Terrestrial (1982) Official 20th Anniversary Trailer Movie HD, Joe Weider's Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend, "WORKING OUT WITH: Lenda Murray; Wonder Woman In the Flesh",, Upstairs, the prejudging was proceeding according to the normal IFBB rules, identical to those used in the Mr.Olympia. It was like a pairs skating routine, with Boyer displaying power and athleticism in a number of well executed lifts, and Valerie flowing with his movements as if she were unconfined by gravity. Only a handful were not in top shape, and there was one competitor who had no business being in that contest. "What a thoroughbred!" Just some nervous anticipation, a lot of excitement, and competitors pitching in to apply oil to the nearest back. And then we got the judge's decision. But you have to start somewhere, and this was an auspicious beginning. It was the 1st Ms. Olympia competition held. Those who claimed it was no more than "George Snyder's women's contest with a new name" were simply missing the point. Patsy Chapman, with the cheekbones of a superstar model; Carmen Lusko, possessing the world's most engaging smile; Rachel McLish, with the long ,lean lines of a race horse; Auby Paulick, charm and energy in equal proportions; April Micotra, Stacey Bentley, Georgia Miller, Lynn Conkwright and more - the top professionals, the best of the breed, assembled together to choose the champion of champions, the first Ms. Olympia. But at the same time, the quality of her physique was unmistakable, so perhaps the routine served its purpose. The winner was Rachel, followed by Auby, Lynn, Corinne and Stacey. And so the women stood before the judges and the prejudging began. It was almost unfair to ask Lynn Conkwright to follow such an act, but if somebody had to do it, she was a good choice. Rachel McLish appeared to be the immediate front runner. As far as I am concerned, if bodybuilding fans want something, they ought to get it.

Auby, it turns out, had had considerable experience as a professional dancer back in her native Michigan, and she is no stranger to playing to crowds. If the contest was close, this was a chance for the competitors to make up the difference, and they worked as hard as any lineup of male professionals. But the development she has already achieved indicates she had extraordinary potential. But Snyder, recognizing the nature of the contest he was presenting, had decided to be lenient in accepting entries. "Doing it this way," Snyder went on, "is better for bodybuilding, for the women and especially for the audience, since it gives them a better show.
But the crowd of fans, hanging outside the hall proved him wrong. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Actually, the underestimation of audience interest led to the only problem of the weekend - the prejudging was held without an audience, since George did not think that enough people would be interested to justify selling tickets. It certainly never hurt Steve Reeves. The 1980 Ms. Olympia Contest Report Birth of a Tradition "My God," said the young man, looking in the door to watch the contestants as they signed in before the prejudging at the Ms. Olympia contest, "I can't believe how beautiful they all are!" Frank Zane looked somewhat drawn and tired, a result of a training accident in early August. Ron Teufel got a warm welcome, and came out looking perhaps a little better than he would at the Mr. America a week later. [2], Rachel McLish on David Letterman Show 1986, 1981 Ms. OLYMPIA segment on ABC's 20 20-0, 1984 Women's World Bodybuilding Championship-0. When Arnold stood up to address the audience, it was immediately apparent how much bigger he had become, and that he must be back in serious training, But there was as yet no hint of his plans for a comeback.

There were three rounds in the afternoon: In the evening, there would be another round of free posing, and a posedown, in which each judge would pick one competitor as the winner. But this was only her third contest, so she will no doubt develop new routines in the future. I had no idea so many people would want to see it, Believe me, next you we are going to make sure that tickets to the prejudging are available. Stacey Bentley was also not as cut up as she had been at the Zane contest. She sent beams of energy into the audience, and the people responded with by far the most enthusiasm of the evening.

80's Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Later we saw Corinne Machado, who showed such quality of development that it was certain she would place well; and then there was Auby Paulick. This was only her third contest, but she had won impressively in the Atlantic City competition earlier in the year, did well in the Zane contest, and now looked even better in Philadelphia. But she was getting some close competition from a petite blond dynamo named Auby Paulick, who was experiencing her first national level contest. Now it was time for the show itself.

Of course, in one sense, this was not yet an Olympia at all. When that happens, everybody wins; when it doesn't, we all lose. The Association, in the persons of George Snyder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu and Bill Drake, had planned two days of seminars (featuring such star as Arnold, Franco, Frank Zane, Mike Mentzer and Danny Padilla), a display of some of the latest developments in exercise equipment and health industry products, and a huge banquet preceding the finals of the contest. It was first held in 1980. After dinner, the audience was treated to a number of guest posers. And Auby had clearly dominated that aspect of the show as far as the crowd as concerned. Second competitor out was Anniqa Fors, a beautiful blonde Danish girl and discovered by Sven-Ole Thorsen., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. If the contest were to have been decided purely on the basis of audience response to this last round, she would have emerged the clear winner.
"The turnout is fantastic," George Snyder told me the afternoon of the contest. Arnold led off, discussing the psychology of bodybuilding, and was followed by Franco on injuries, Zane talking about nutrition, John Balik answering questions about steroids, and Dr. Anita Columbu discussing women's training.

The scoring in the prejudging for Rachel and Auby went like this: In the final round at the evening show, not all the judges participated, so the highest possible score was 80 rather than 100. "I've seen it happen to the men, and now I know it can happen to me, too.". Patsy Chapman displayed beautiful shape and proportion as usual, but she was way too smooth.

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