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She ran into Dick again after he accidentally became a model for her. When Dick later gives up his role as Robin in 1984, he recalls the Kandorian adventure and renames himself Nightwing, in homage to both Batman and Superman. At length, Nightwing shakes himself from his depression and takes responsibility for his inaction. Afterwards, Nightwing furiously confronts Batman. Nightwing (Volume 1) is a limited series focusing on Dick Grayson, written by Dennis O'Neil with illustrations by Greg Land. "The Resignation": Nightwing observes four men who are about to shoot a woman they apparently kidnapped earlier. Guide Watch. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Drawing inspiration from Batman and Robin, the two protect Kandor as the superheroes Nightwing and Flamebird. Because neither bats nor robins lived on Krypton, Superman chooses the names of two birds owned by his Kandorian friend Nor-Kan: Nightwing for himself, and Flamebird for Jimmy. The new series, written by Kyle Higgins, opens with Grayson having returned to Gotham, when Haly's Circus comes to town.

Having been raised on DC Comics, SUPERMAN holds a special place in Adam Kubert's heart.

Robin later informs Grayson that someone is masquerading as Batman, using similar weaponry to their own. The two had breakfast together and then he left. After dealing with the Raptor issue, NYC is plagued by a villainous duo called Bride and Groom. send you an email once approved. He soon moved to DC, where he quickly became one of the top writers in comics. The bomb is deactivated. 1: The Return of Wally West (Rebirth) (Titans (Rebirth)). You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. Inside the Phantom Zone Chris' mind interfaced with a piece of Brainiac technology, awakening a long-dormant connection to the Nightwing, and linking his mind to that of Thara Ak-Var, who had a connection to the Flamebird.[16]. Other stories set among the Batman family of characters have seen acquaintances and friends of Richard John "Dick" Grayson briefly assume the title, including his fellow Robin alumnus Jason Todd. Grayson's Nightwing costume was a high-tech suit specially designed for his high-flying acrobatic style. Cover Dick Grayson became Nightwing after he was dismissed from the role of Robin as a teenager. Nightwing follows an armored thief named Raptor, whom he suspects is responsible for series of murders. Collects Nightwing (1995 Mini Series) #1-4 and Nightwing (1996-2009) #1-8. Following the erasure of the knowledge regarding his secret identity from most of the world in the final issue of Grayson [40] After Barbara is recruited by the Green Lantern Corps as a Blue Lantern, she asks her boyfriend, Dick Grayson, to be her successor as Nightwing and thus becoming Batman's replacement partner. He is later seen in Arkham Asylum, frothing at the mouth and presumably drugged, believed by the staff to be Pierrot Lunaire, a member of the Club. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Nightwing, along with a group of former Titans, are summoned again by Raven to aid the current group of Teen Titans battle against Deathstroke, who was targeting the latest team in order to get at his children, Ravager and the resurrected Jericho. [9] Labeled as criminals, Superman and Lois become fugitives, adopting the Nightwing and Flamebird identities to survive, just as had Superman and Olsen in Superman #158.[10].

A few months later, Arsenal persuades Nightwing to join a new pro-active crime-fighting team: the Outsiders, who would hunt villains, acting as co-workers rather than an extended family.

Nightwing Vol 1 #1

This is a great start to the series.

Prime is ready to kill Nightwing when Conner intervenes, sacrificing himself to destroy the tower, ending the destruction of the Universe.

Throughout the story arc, Dick must work as an undercover agent but also has to keep his morals and not kill even if the Court tells him to. Dick hasn't the same resources as Bruce and winds up living in an apartment and having soap opera relationship problems. Currently, Grayson is being held captive by the Crime Syndicate. Batman accepts the position; however, he feels that the team needs to be remade, in order to accomplish the sorts of missions that he intends them to undertake. This book had zero damages when I got it. Only a short time later, Bernie watches as Dick Grayson leaves a coffee shop together with Miggie Webster. Started in 1995. While Nightwing is hesitant, due to his engagement with Barbara, she encourages him to go and returns his engagement ring so he can make an honest decision for himself. Most of the original ongoing Nightwing series was collected in several trade paperbacks while the series was being published. Sometime after "No Man's Land" ends, the JLA disappears on a mission to locate Aquaman and Atlantis (The Obsidian Age). Letterers Chris Kent, son of General Zod, was Nightwing during Superman: New Krypton.

Barbara feels that it is important he rediscover himself, and until he does they're not yet ready to be married. In Superman Family #183 (May/June 1977), Superman's look-alike second cousin Van-Zee and his niece's husband Ak-Var take up the Nightwing and Flamebird identities. has some stains on front and back cover. Mike Sellers 1: Traps and Trapezes (The New 52), Nightwing Vol. Later, Batman is called in by Mister Terrific who then rescues Nightwing and the others. Bruce praises Dick for his success on the Raptor case, and also mentions to look into the Landman Building which hosted ex-Lexcorp scientists; most likely those who worked on the Raptor project.

Unable to add item to List. The next morning Dick gets a visit from Alfred Pennyworth, who is very pleased with his decision to focus more on his private life.
The clubs could also be thrown with such skill by Grayson (and possibly due to their design) that they would ricochet off walls and objects to hit multiple targets, then return to his hands. The following day, Dick goes to the hospital to visit the young woman he rescued the night before. Nightwing (1995-1995) #1. 4 have been collected in trade paperbacks as well, during their publication. The letter's origin is Kravia, a little country where the circus had performed shortly before his parents' death. Batman tries to free Nightwing, but Luthor, believing there is no time, incapacitates Batman and Catwoman before suffocating Grayson until his vitals drop and he appears dead. One year later, Dick Grayson returns to New York City (his previous home base with the Teen Titans) in order to find out who has been masquerading as Nightwing. The fact it was only $12.00 is good for what you get. Batman has already called police and ambulance, so the two heroes can leave the scene and embark on a rooftop. Barbara Gordon appears as Nightwing alongside Batman in the Smallville "Detective" story arc of the Smallville: Season 11 series.

Cheyenne wore a Nightwing costume to help Dick and Jason from a metahuman monster named Jakob. At Batman's request, Dick journeys to this former whaling town-turned-industrial center to investigate a number of murders linked to Gotham City gangster Black Mask. The "Nightwing" identity is revealed to be based on a mythical Kryptonian creature, whose existence is intertwined with that of its partner beast, the Flamebird. This time however, Dick soundly defeats Two-Face. In the character's second appearance within the film series, Batman & Robin, Dick Grayson pursues being a vigilante on his own and wears the Nightwing costume design.

Beginning in 2014 the series was then reprinted, with the new editions including material that had been omitted from the previous run of trade paperbacks. Dick is left feeling depressed and lost as a result of this and the death of Damian Wayne, the new Robin, and is at a loss for what to do with his life. [18] He enters in a catatonic state after this action, and Tarantula takes advantage of his emotional trauma to rape him. Back to Comics Contents : Comics N : Nightwing Vol 1.

Blockbuster places a sizable contract on Nightwing's head shortly thereafter, while Grayson plies the unscrupulous Blüdhaven Police Inspector Dudley Soames for information on the kingpin's dealings. On January 21, 2014, DC Comics announced that the series would end in April with issue 30.

Not realizing how violent Ryerstad is, Grayson agrees to train him. The original Nightwing in DC Comics was an identity assumed by alien superhero Superman when stranded on the Kryptonian city of Kandor with his friend Jimmy Olsen. First, in Nightwing: Alfred's Return #1 (1995), Grayson travels to England to find Alfred, who resigns from Bruce Wayne's service following the events of KnightSaga.

None of the files shown here are hosted or transmitted by this server. At one point, Dick agrees to attend a party for Bruce and their relationship seems to flourish. The mission however does not go as well as intended, resulting in Nightwing, the Black Queen and Captain Boomerang being captured by Chang Tzu. Cathi Bertrand There he not only meets the beautiful Miggie Webster herself, but also both of her parents. He takes his name, "Nite-Wing", from an all-night deli specializing in chicken wings. Before they vanish, Batman instigates a contingency plan, in which a handful of heroes would be assembled to create a new JLA, consisting of Nightwing, Green Arrow, the Atom, Hawkgirl, Major Disaster, Faith, Firestorm and Jason Blood. Keri KowalskiPat Garrahy Plus its way cheaper than buying the original copies and very convenient to have more than one of the originals included (That way I didn't have to order another every day).Overall a great purchase. Each gauntlet's sections could contain a wide array of equipment, such as sonic or smoke pellets, modified batarangs ("Wing-Dings"), knockout gas capsules, throwable tracers, and a sedative-tipped dart launcher. Nightwing is having trouble finding things to keep him busy during the day due to the cast on his right arm. [22] After returning to the cave, Dick assumes the identity of Batman, with Damian as the new Robin.[23]. The links are provided solely by this site's users. storyline, and due to Batman's apparent death, Nightwing feels his attention should be better aimed at protecting Gotham City. Following this, Nightwing decides to leave the team again, due to the events of the "Batman R.I.P." After Miggie kissed Dick goodbye, the killer approaches him to deliver his "Death Touch" ... DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. There Dick explains that he no longer feels fulfilled by his activities as Nightwing and, thus, wants to withdraw from the hero business. Flamebird projects flames from her hands, and Nightwing uses "natural tactile telekinesis". Reviewed in the United Kingdom on December 1, 2016.

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