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I reject Kitsis-Horowitz's fiction and substitute my own!!! But the intricate nature of the character's relationships means that everyone has slept with each other, at least by extension. US States 613; Alphabetical MLB Logos Minefield 535; Weakest … The interconnectedness of the characters would seem totally unrealistic and overreaching on another show, in a less fantastical world, but the suspension of disbelief required for the fairytale premise means the audience accepts the familial relationships happily. Peter Pan, formerly known as Malcolm in the Enchanted Forest, is Henry's dad's dad's dad, but it didn't stop his homicidal rage when Pan finds out that Henry has the heart of the truest believer. Locksley. Part of what makes Once Upon A Time so much fun to watch is the unique and complex nature of the relationships in Storybrooke. The person at the very bottom of this hugely complicated family tree is Henry Mills. Especially when your Grandma could be your older sister. Edit. So many awkward family reunions. The whole place is frozen! That also technically means that Henry and Snow are siblings. Family relationships up the stakes and adds a whole other layer of tension, especially with the insane backstories that all the characters have. And even if things get weird and confusing sometimes, the fans loves the characters and the characters love each other. Gold. Some people are even related to the person in a couple different ways... Lol. —David to Kristoffsrc Arendelle is a Fairy Tale Land realm featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Well, there you have it. Who of the following is a great grandparent by the end of … VIEW OLDER REPLIES. Weirdly, though, that means that Hook has had his way with both Henry's grandmother and his mom. Or one GIFset, because honestly that's it, that's the show. Once Upon A Time - Family Tree by anderssondavid1 on DeviantArt Update: Episode 4.01 - Added Kristoff and Pabbie I've been working on this since halfway through Season 3 and after months it's finally ready … 0. We know Emma was 28 years old when she first came to Storybrooke, and though it's never explicitly stated, Snow was about the same age when Emma was born. Wow. But honestly, it's probably a good thing — Cora was arguably the most evil villain to ever enter Storybrooke. But all those intertwined family relationships mean that there are some very bizarre connections between various characters. It would probably make Henry's life a lot less confusing if Emma and Regina got together — if Emma marries Hook and Regina marries Robin, Henry's family tree will get even more complicated. I don't need her messing with my precious cinnamon rolls. Don't even correct me! Sorry I just blew your mind. The swan princess is emma, Chris Robin is Henry and lost boys are awesome. (Please see game note) by Tolkienite Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . All rights reserved. How to Play Forced Order. Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, the creators and head writers of the show, never fail to find a new way to connect the characters and draw out dramatic tension from old and new relationships. Henry Mills sits at the center of a really complicated family tree — here are the 10 weirdest relationships from the show that prove it. OUAT Thanksgiving... hahaha (not quite, but close! And clearly they're doing something right — the show is still doing well after five seasons. Thanks for looking! In Season 3, Snow's dabbling in the dark side results in Cora's untimely death. Any help towards making the most complete family tree will be appreciated. Not weird at all. Before starting the visualization, an initial user testing was conducted using competitor analysis of three different visuals of the Once Upon a Time family three.

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