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He/she should work on voicing feelings and opinions and taking note of others. Mr.Sameed is aware of putting care into his/her daily writing work and regularly goes beyond the minimum requirements for assignments. Mr.Sameed has difficulty remembering previously discussed writing skills and sometimes makes errors with punctuation, grammar, and overall syntax. It can be printed on Avery Labels, or you can print it on paper, cut and glue stick onto report cards. I hesitate to share too much yet because I am still processing everything I learned! Check that someone else websites or apps accessing your facebook profile or not? Mr.Sameed is inspired to demonstrate skilled attitudes and behavior within the classroom. He/she may benefit from practicing the multiplication table and will also still practice the division process. Mr.Sameed makes an honest effort to form his/her handwriting legible. Mr.Sameed consistently needs reminders to use time effectively. 3. is honest and trustworthy in dealings with others. _____ has a pleasant personality. Mr.Sameed speaks well ahead of the category but requires improvement in written communication. Mr.Sameed shows a positive attitude with classmates in group projects and activities, and both take and provide suggestions and directions effectively. Thus, by the end the student finish his studies, the teacher would have accumulated enough data to grade his level of proficiency. 289.Gets upset easily. General remarks for students in the report card. Effective Report Card Comments - Bell Bytes: During this Summer I was invited to a week long conference about Quality Learning in Schools. I rejoice I did since I discovered it to be a valuable resource. I am bookmarking it as well as sharing it on my social networks. 287.Does not know math facts well. I was checking constantly this weblog and I am inspired! Mr.Sameed excels at applying what he/she learns within the classroom to real-world and real-life situations. Mr.Sameed is dependable and reliable, follows directions effectively, and follows through on his/her commitments to him/herself et al. Mr.Sameed demonstrates an honest understanding of all math concepts studied and communicates with clarity and good justification of reasoning. _____ is cooperative and happy. 291.Disorganized He/she is in a position to print on the lines, use good spacing, and form letters correctly. Mr.Sameed manages his/her emotions maturely and responds to feedback appropriately. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Positive remarks for students report card. thank you very much… suited for the kids…very useful more power to you and your family. Hey there – I discovered your blog and assumed it would be an excellent idea to check it out. Mr.Sameed has considerable difficulty with math. The student: makes friends quickly in the classroom; is well-liked by classmates; handles disagreements with peers appropriately; treats other students with fairness and understanding; is a valued member of the class; has compassion for peers and others; seems comfortable in new situations; enjoys conversation with friends during free periods He/she has trouble with (dictation, copying words correctly, story writing, creating logical sequences). Remarks for the good performance of students. $ Report Card Comments Labels with Sample Comments - 40 Labels - Use this template to type in your report card comments about your students. 4. displays good citizenship by assisting other students. Report cards don’t need to stress you out and give you a constant headache! Mr.Sameed works independently and takes pride in work done well. 285.Makes careless errors. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. A focus of my school this year is to make sure we utilize report cards …. Latest posts by Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil, Comparison of fee structure of Pakistani Universities, Computer Science Test MCQs, Data Structures, WINDOWS vs  IOS – Comparison of Windows and IOS. Mr.Sameed is usually among the primary to assist and mentor other classmates. 9. seeks responsibilities and follows through. Mr.Sameed shows maturity when solving problems with classmates and uses good communication. Mr.Sameed must improve his/her work with others. 2. treats school property and the belongings of others with care and respect.

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