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There was the godawful movie Scarecrow, where a group of teens is terrorized by, you guessed it, Scarecrow. Quick Dive - How to Read the 1st Edition Stat Block, How to Make Friends and Succeed at Your Persuasion Check, Island Discovery 8 / Campaign Diary: Archipelago Adventures - Pt. Their arms and legs are pieces of wood bound together by a rope, which isn’t known for being very anatomically correct. This doesn’t provide anything for the Scarecrow, it’s just super creepy and we thought we’d help with your nightmares. This Scarecrow gets back their gaze attack that has two ways of being used. These Scarecrows aren’t the typical man shape horror we all know, but rather were traps, as the farmers would put our a wooden frame covered with a net in the fields, then herd the quails into the nets. Well, most of the time, any created Scarecrows will simply collapse and fall apart, whatever magic holding them together is lost. The scarecrow targets one creature it can see within 30 feet of it. It looks like a human being. The evil and cunning of the creator flow to the Scarecrow, making them an extremely dangerous creature to encounter. The club symbolized protection and was meant to scare away the birds while the sickle was meant to represent a prosperous harvest. Your second option is to use a special manual. Well, it's not going to end for at least 5 rounds, as it is similar to the hold person spell, or you have to wait for the Scarecrow to leave the area or die. Patti Wigington is a pagan author, educator, and licensed clergy. Around the same time period, Japanese farmers began to use Scarecrows to protect their rice fields. He serves food and acts as a butler for the hags and that’s all he does. You basically become that one generic character in a horror movie who just stands there and screams, letting the evil creature maim and murder them while doing nothing. It now has two claw attacks, and if just one of them hit, you still have to make a save against their cowering touch or begin cowering for 1d4 rounds. If the target can see the scarecrow, the target mu st succeed on a DC 11 Wisdom saving th row or be magically frightened until the end of the scarecrow's next turn. These creatures largely reside in the Feywild and are the servants and creations of hags from long ago. You can unsubscribe at any time! They are not animated by magic as much as the souls of the dead, making them a unique creature. What this spirit is exactly is still a matter of debate, but one thing is for sure; it hates all other life. A cowering character takes a –2 penalty to Armor Class and loses her Dexterity bonus (if any).Player’s Handbook - 3.5e (2003). Doing so causes the Scarecrow to immediately move in a direct line toward the victim, and once it gets there, focuses all of its raw power and anger on the person it has been quested to kill. A new island appears in the archipelago - is the party brave enough to deal with hundreds of kobolds attempting to summon their dragon-god? The head is a hollow gourd with a face carved into it, which means you can pick a traditional pumpkin or go more exotic for butternut squash, or go big and pick one of those creepy, long snake gourds that looks like a cross between a watermelon and cucumber. If you think you’ll just fight the Scarecrow with a blindfold, think again as if it does get a chance to run its claw-like fingers through your hair, you have to save against being charmed by its touch. The Monster Manual gives us three different Scarecrows to scare our parties with. Scarecrows are the bound spirits of demons, created by hags and witches. Sometimes a female counterpart was added to the opposite end of the field or orchard. A simple system for dealing with combat between the gods. The first people to use the Scarecrow were the Egyptians, as they used them to protect wheat fields from the fearsome and evil quails that would devour their crops. In more rural countries, scarecrows are still in use. The biggest change is that it now costs 100 gp to construct a Scarecrow, which is a pretty big increase compared to 1 gp per hit point. The hag lives in solitude, creating Scarecrows whose purpose is to hunt and slaughter the ravens and the were-ravens in Strahd’s domain. Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story "Feathertop" is about a scarecrow created and brought to life in 17th century Salem, Massachusetts, by a witch in league with the devil. (Note: There is one school of thought that states that rotten meat was hung on these as well; however, with crows and other such carrion eaters, it seems more logical that they would come TO the scarecrows, rather than staying away. In a narrower sense, it is synonymous with sōzu. They also protect Baba Lysaga from harm, though by the time the party is dealing with Baba Lysaga, the Scarecrows are more of a pest than an actual threat. If the Scarecrow is required to think independently, it won’t understand the command and will just stand there unable to do anything. Its face is that of a victim whose face has been peeled off and fastened to the Scarecrow’s head with metal hooks. Unfortunately for Kuebiko, he cannot walk or move, trapped to forever stand in the fields and watch the world go by. You just stand there, jaw agape, unwilling and unable to do anything as it begins tearing you apart. Once the spirit is bound to the Scarecrow’s form, it is, in turn, bound to the priest that created it. The Scarecrow is brought down to be a CR 1 creature, though it keeps several of its oldest abilities to help it feel special. Poor Scarecrows, never getting the love they deserve. Level 13 LurkerMedium fey animate (construct) / XP 800Initiative +14 / Senses Perception +9HP 99; Bloodied 49AC 27; Fortitude 24, Reflex 26, Will 25Speed 6 , low light visionImmune disease, poison, sleep; Vulnerable 10 fireLurking Horror When the haunter hits a creature that cannot see it, the attack deals 5 extra damage and increases any of the attack’s forced movement by 2 squares.Claws ✦ At-Will Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +18 vs. AC Hit: 2d6 + 9 damage.Haunting Echoes (charm, fear, psychic) ✦ At-Will Attack: Area burst 2 within 10 (enemies in burst); +18 vs. Will Hit: The haunter slides the target 2 squares. Good news! It is dressed in old clothes. This is mentioned in numerous secondary sources, but there do not appear to be any primary sources that verify the claim of the rotten meat being hung on the kakashi.). That’s it. The next cheapest golem is the Necrophidius, which costs a cool 8k in gold to bring to life. The article also goes over how a character might make their own Scarecrow, and it's not cheap - then again, it isn’t incredibly expensive like most other constructs so there is that. Well… The article also provides three variants for the Scarecrow and one of them includes an unhallowed gourd. Frequency: Very rareNo. On the flip side, sometime they're fun, and decorated in a country-cute style, or silly like the lovable "If I only had a brain" type in The Wizard of Oz. One of Batman's original enemies, the Scarecrow, was introduced as a villain and enemy of the caped crusader in 1941. The creature description is extremely vague about what this tome of Scarecrow creation is, but we are confident it’s not a book you can check out of the local library. They can use their Horrid Gaze which immobilizes a target, making it easy to rip them apart, or they can use their Luring Gaze which pulls targets closer to the Scarecrow. If the target is a creature, it must succeed on a DC 11 Wisdom saving throw or be frightened until the end of the scarecrow's next turn.Terrifying Glare. Arcane stuffing is made up of papers covered in arcane sigils, providing the Scarecrow with the ability to teleport. Hit: 6 (2d4 + 1) slashing damage. The stuffing that fills the Scarecrow now takes on great importance, as it can be arcane, rags, or sand. Maybe the Scarecrow doesn’t want to use its action to target one creature and in fact, they are within 20 feet of you. This writer just has the best monsters… even if they are only used as side encounters. Not a great way to start off the encounter. Climate/Terrain: AnyFrequency: Very RareOrganization: SolitaryActivity Cycle: AnyDiet: NilIntelligence: Non- (0)Treasure: NilAlignment: NeutralNo. They soon found that these lifelike guardians did a pretty good job of keeping crows away. After the Egyptians, we have the Greeks, who carved Scarecrows from woods, painted them purple, armed them with a club and a sickle, and placed them in the fields to scare away birds. Scarecrows roam the Feywild and are used by various creatures, including the eladrin, gnomes, and ritualists. During the heyday of America's agricultural period, scarecrows became popular, but following World War II, farmers realized they could accomplish a lot more by spraying their crops with pesticides like DDT. Specifics are given about the construction and materials that need to go into creating a Scarecrow. These Dread Scarecrows are just a variant of the variant Quested Scarecrow, so it’s kind of Scarecrows all the way down or something. You can incorporate scarecrows into your own magical workings, and the best part is that your neighbors won't even know what you're up to! The Scarecrow is introduced in the Fiend Folio (1981) and is essentially a regular old Scarecrow that someone with ill-intent enchants not only to scare you but quite possibly to kill you. Obviously, you can place a scarecrow in your garden to protect your crops from birds and other pesky critters. Old dirty rags and noisemakers like bells and sticks were mounted on a pole in the field and then lit on fire. Old dirty rags and noisemakers like bells and sticks were mounted on a pole in the field and then lit on fire. In some parts of what is now Virginia and the Carolinas, before the white man arrived, adult men sat on raised platforms and shouted at birds or ground animals that came near the crops. Then again, if you can survive staring at this horror, you then have to survive it touching you and making you paralyzed in fear again, all the while dealing 1d6 points of damage to you. But, even with all these defenses, it is still vulnerable to fire damage and, with its horrible 36 hit points, can be easily knocked out by a sorcerer with a penchant for burning everything they come across. It's a simple one-encounter adventure and is… well, it doesn’t reveal anything. If you are ever walking through a cornfield at night, during the fall, and start hearing laughter, we recommend running… or setting the whole field on fire - Scarecrows hate fire and it's probably better to ruin a farmer’s entire harvest than it is to have to deal with a Scarecrow. From this vantage point, the Scarecrow can keep an eye over the Hags domain, hence the name Guardian Scarecrow. [2], Sōzu, a kind of shishi-odoshi, in Shisen-dō, a historic spot in Kyoto, Morikami Museum and Gardens - shishi-odoshi filling up, A shishi-odoshi features prominently in the climactic fight scene in the film Kill Bill: Volume 1. These conscious Scarecrows hide during the day, probably in the fields, and attack at night. Their job was to run around in the fields, clapping blocks of wood together, to frighten away birds that might eat the grain.

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