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So with Tendi back to obsessing over who on the ship doesn’t like her and Mariner declaring, “I’m pretty good at getting demoted,” our four ensigns are right back to where they started, just as it should be. That to me is why this show works so well as a comedy – that realization being a powerful message in and of itself. But as long as it is good Trek I’ll keep watching. Maybe they’re doing it on purpose. © 2020 Condé Nast. After getting commendations for standing up for Starfleet ideals in the face of death (even though they were really facing a party venue full of balloons) everything resets back. But even though the geek in me noticed these things, it did not spoil the episode at all… Cant wait for next week…, Yeah and “It’s too late to switch off the tractor beam” when visually matter on the beam had not yet reached the ship. The disjointed story takes us on a hilarious covert HALO drop into a Vulcan museum to steal a Romulan Bird of Prey, a distracting fan dance that would make Uhura proud, a perilous spacewalk with Billups having TNG flashbacks due to a lack of oxygen, and then for some reason, a Gorn wedding. Each of our main four ensigns got to lean into what makes them unique and funny. Man these seasons goes SO fast now. His rivalry with Captain Freeman clouding his judgment, Captain Durango moves his ship to be in the closer position to the derelict ship, causing a breach and unleashing the terraforming goo into space and up the tractor beams. Both ships are hit with the fluid, and onboard the Cerritos everything starts dissolving and evolving as if Carol Marcus was cooking up a whole new Genesis Cave inside the ship. That’s great to find your answer. And the answer is yes, mostly—but don't set your expectations to "stunned.". ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Review: Life as Phaser Fodder. “No Small Parts” perfectly caps off the exciting inaugural season of creator Mike McMahan’s comedic take on Star Trek. Star Trek: Lower Decks is a great new addition to the Trek universe. We want smart dialogue. It’s almost like appreciation of art is inherently subjective or something…, I’m starting to get why I once read comedy is once of the hardest genres to do :), Did not like the many implausibiities (Durango abandoning all prudence after having been all about the nitty-gritty detail of tractor beams in the beginning; the Captain and Mariner hacking a whole tunnel through stone with stones in minutes, Kosmic Koala…really??). I think it was probably just fan service, but I can write it off as somewhere in the last century the Kirk vs. Khan story was covered in a famous book or documentary titled “Space Seed”. Your California Privacy Rights | Do Not Sell My Personal Information That never bothered me. (Yeah… exactly.) 63 comments so far, Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 1, Episode 4 – Debuted Thursday, August 27th, 2020 We get it. The show works best when it comes from the heart, and this episode features some nice themes about the characters learning to accept each other as they are. Spoiler alert: We’ll never hear about him or his transformation ever again. Kudos to the animation team and director Barry J. Kelly for crafting a battle sequence we haven’t really seen before in Lower Decks. #3) If everyone knew what to do and was already the best – what do you then bring to the table? The new show goes its own way, in keeping with the somewhat freewheeling vibe the television side of the franchise has exhibited under the supervision of Alex Kurtzman. But that’s just a taste of what’s to come. the Cerritos crew is populated with Benzite, Bajoran, and Trill officers alongside the more common complement of Human, Vulcan, and Orion crew. Nicely picking up on the complex family dynamics established in episode one, Captain Freeman is now even more motivated to figure out a way to get Mariner off her ship without raising the ire of her husband, who is also the admiral that transferred Mariner to the Cerritos to begin with. Probably not. By the way I don’t think this means the show glorifies bad leadership, because showing how NOT do it can be another way of making a statement on good management principles, kind of taking the Paul Watzlawick approach. Fan service is fun but there is a point when it becomes distracting. As the Cerritos warps in, they are also trapped by the Packled. This “misfit ensigns, lawless teens” (who are basically about one and the same) trope never had potential; it should have been left on whiteboard in the writers’ room, along with the empty bottle of vodka they quaffed that day. Anyway, same old same old. Unlike anything we saw this week! And a greater one that Picard I might add. There definitely seem to be those who found episodes one and three less appealing and not their taste in humour and others liked 2 and 4. But that gas was purple and this gas was more of a blue, so totally different. And the show continues to excel and expand with great new characters, with Clar as a welcome addition. We could look up to characters in TNG and TOS, would you wish for the Captain to be more like this? That’s the point. And on Saturday we will post our weekly analysis of Easter eggs and references for this episode. Mostly agree with other points made in your comment. Felt like a Star Trek episode with the whole save the ship from a floating artifact that wants to transform the ship. Still endearing but with an edge. Sure, Next Generation and Voyager hinted at some fantasies, but Commander Ransom finally spoke the obvious truth, “It’s mostly that,” and by that, he means the kind of thing that creates some seriously gross waste to clean up. It was fun, but suffered from the Shyamalan effect of feeling like too much setup and not enough punchline, and maybe not all that surprising either. This week we cover “Moist Vessel.” The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Stitcher and is part of the TrekMovie Podcast Network. It’s all pretty low key and safe. Here’s hoping! This triggers Captain Mom big time, setting up the real main arc of the episode. In fact, I wasn’t really complaining about her, only the inconsistency of the review. I’m with Mariner on this one. Ad Choices. Or Family Guy without Tom Tucker and the Evil Monkey? The ninth and newest Star Trek series aims to change all that. Unfortunate. Ransom is forced to report that Mariner is “finding little ways to inject joy into what are otherwise horrible tasks,” forcing the captain to come up with an even more cunning plan: promotion. I actually enjoy how the Captain being self-righteous & vain is the same as the Captain of the fantasy spaceship we had as kids”, The Shuttle Pod – The Podcast. :P. was the term “Space Seed” a thing in the episode? Apparently the “Lower Decks” style animated spin-off featuring “the little people” behind our favorite franchises is becoming a genre unto itself. I really like Mariner and Boimier, the chemistry between the two. I loved the music from Best of Both Worlds. For every episode which hits the right notes of Trek optimism, humour, and characters doing somewhat mature things, we get an episode like this one which is about nothing and induces a headache. Captain Freeman says she hates waiting for civilizations to unravel by “Gamesters of Triskelion, or whatever” before the Cerritos visits as a second contact mission.

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