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A highly experienced Board and Faculty; sharing their knowledge, understanding and insight. For more information see our terms and conditions. Mr. Cook spoke about Steve Jobs and his ability to admit wrongs to Businessweek. Apple is a company at the forefront of innovation, and that requires different minded and unique individuals to help create the future. Thus, CEO Tim Cook has higher ethical a nd better moral standards t han those of Steve Jobs and this factor can . Designed to give senior management the tools they need to successfully manage change. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Apple is a company that is built around doing what they do and doing it well. I think Stern could go to Spotify because Spotify could offer him a larger audience. He cancelled a successful ABC TV sitcom (the show had risen to number one) when its star exploded with a cruel racial tirade. Your email address will not be published. Tim Cook strongly believes in admitting when you are wrong. Tim Cook knows that transparency is crucial to sustained success. This may be because he is focused and listening attentively to what those around him are saying. Required fields are marked *. Charles’s question very clearly highlights the challenges of ethical leadership. Staying true to yourself and being the same person will help you become a strong leader. Edinburgh Business School will use the information you have provided to contact you with information on our products and services. ... Tim Cook’s leadership is more transformat ional and on the stable mi nd. We are committed to providing opportunities for people to study. Can Sirius XM Survive without Howard Stern? Be yourself. Study by distance learning and with our Learning Partners across Africa. He has also revealed his sexual orientation – he’s gay – to the world. One further wrinkle is that the phone doesn’t actually belong to the terrorist, it belongs to his employer – who also wants the security code cracked. Being transparent is a solid foundation for leadership. The most important leadership lessons that entrepreneurs should learn from Tim Cook include: Be the face and voice of the company. Be aware of larger issues than just business. Cook also represents the Apple brand in the media, talking to reporters and explaining actions such as the refusal to comply with the FBI’s request to crack an iPhone himself. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. By facing these controversies, Cook overcame them before they could damage Apple’s reputation, or distract the company from its’ core mission. Had he ignored the issues, Apple’s reputation would have been destroyed, and many customers driven away. Netflix Could take over the World - if it doesn’t run out of Money First, TD Web Services Expands Cloud Leadership With TDWS Cloud Servers. Study on campus in Edinburgh, by distance learning or with our Learning Partners across Europe. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Helping students make a vital contribution to the financial strength of their business. Control the message. Learn how your comment data is processed. Is Sirius XM a Good Cheap Dividend Stock? In addition Kate loves to develop branding including training/event materials. Tim Cook, as a leader of a company that is founded on innovation, understands he needs thinkers who can offer a different insight. Subscribe to get leadership insights right in your inbox. This is a lesson from Tim Cook that should be implemented by anyone with the goal of becoming a great leader. So by similar reasoning, should Tim Cook decide to abide by the rules of the US government? Is Northrop Grumman (NOC) making money in Space? Study by distance learning across the USA and Canada. This is a prediction that not many people tend to make. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook has been underestimated since he took the helm following the death of Steve Jobs in late 2011, but his leadership has led the company to … We set exceptional standards for ourselves. Tim Cook has been an inspiration to many people since taking the role as Apple CEO. It also clearly shows the world that Tim Cook is in charge at Apple, and he’s not Steve Jobs. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This gives him both credibility and respect, and enables the CEO to communicate with the world, the media and the customers on his terms. Cook claims that he actually takes the time to read customer emails and to talk to customers in Apple stores. He said, “Maybe the most under-appreciated thing about Steve was that he had the courage to change his mind. We expect our students to do the same. During a Q & A at Duke University, Tim Cook mentioned you must “write your own rules”. After all, that’s what got you there.

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