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for your Indian Round Gourd plant.

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What is hand pollination?

If sufficient pollination does not take place, the female flower will grow initially, but will die and fall off eventually.
T&C Try hand pollination technique that time to encourage pollination. Fruits will be formed on female flower after pollination.

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Use code "PREPAID40" Min. Organic manure can be well rotten cow dung manure, farmyard manure, Compost or Vermicompost.

11-12 weeks

src="/media/wysiwyg/indianroundgourdtinda_hwh3.jpg" alt="Plants growing in containers need more fertilizing than those in the ground. Germination Rate: 80% 50 seeds / packet Would recommend to all. Indian Round Gourd seeds can be grown in containers or on raised beds.
The more you water, the more quickly you flush the nutrients out of the soil." Being an aggressive climber, Indian round gourd needs a lot of space to grow.

  • Water your potted Indian Round Gourd plant every day in summer.
  • JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. On raised beds, sow two seeds per spot in a spacing of 2 x 2 ft. Place your seeds on the surface of the medium and use the inside with the tip of a pencil and cover the surface with growing medium.
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    The Indian round gourd or Tinda is a superfood packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Second week onwards, seedlings will start growing into a small plant.
  • To increase pollination you can opt for hand pollination using a brush.