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The turmeric can be harvested when the leaves of the plant become yellow. It can be cultivated as monocrop or intercrop with other plantation crops in their initial stage. 4. and included under this category. If yes, so please suggest some ideas for farming of turmeric or suggest any company which i can get informations. Approximately, 1000kg rhizomes are needed for planting in one acre of land. Turmeric can be rotated with crops such as Finger millet, Rice and Sugarcane. Thankyou for the useful post. Well, as you are located in Nigeria, we are not sure of Turmeric seedlings. Turmeric crop become ready for harvesting within 8 to 9 ½ months after planting depending upon the variety. If you are planning to grow Turmeric, the soil should rich in organic matter and requires a temperature range of 20°C to 30°C with an annual average rainfall of 1600 mm or more. Need turmeric seeds for 1 acre in Bangalore, karnataka. The mother and finger rhizomes are separated and stored in shade. Turmeric crop will be ready for harvesting within 7 – 9 months after sowing. An acre of turmeric plantings can produce between 50 and 60 baskets per acre and fresh turmeric branches can yield from 75 to 90 baskets per acre. Turmeric is a plant that needs lot of manure for growth. 1733. document.write(''); Yield of raw mother sets         –           2 to 3 tons/ha. We have alluvial soil .Texture is Yellowish clay. 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Introduction: Hello spice farmers we are back with a great information of turmeric cultivation income, project report, the cost of cultivation, the yield per acre, profits per acre. For example, it is around April in Kerala, May in parts of Maharashtra, Karnataka. The boiling lasts for 45 to 60 minutes when the rhizomes are soft. It is cultivated as a subsidiary crop to ginger in some areas and in other areas with chilli and quick-growing vegetables. If necessary neem oil 0.5% may be sprayed at fortnightly intervals. Apart from this, it has demand in local markets and international markets. The yellow color of turmeric is very important to get a higher price for turmeric in the market. Looking forward to hear on this.. Chaitanya . We can harvest the turmeric after 7 – 9 months after planting depending upon type of variety, short duration verities will be ready to harvest within 7 months after sowing . However, by using improved types and adopting good management practices we can get yields up to 18 quintals of dried rhizomes per acre. The yield of the dry product varies from 20 to 30 percent depending upon the variety and the location where the crop is grown. Dear sir, The cost of turmeric seed is around 50000/- per acre with total cost of cultivation per acre is around 150000/-. At the time of maturity, leaves are cut close to the ground, the land is plowed and rhizomes are gathered by hand-picking or the clumps are carefully lifted with a spade. The plants start to emerge in July. dont fob like politicians sir be honest. Turmeric is a very profitable crop. A by-product of turmeric is ‘kumkum’. Under extremely favorable conditions, the yield can go up to as high as twelve thousand kilograms per acre. Interest rate was charged at the rate of 8.5 percent as working capital, which is an ongoing rate charged by the co-operative bank for short-term crop loans which are Rs.1321. In other words, any type of loamy soil, with natural drainage system is good for turmeric plantation. A thinner layer is not desirable, as the color of the dried product may be adversely affected. The cost of boiling will be around Rs. An acre of turmeric plantings can produce between 50 and 60 baskets per acre and fresh turmeric branches can yield from 75 to 90 baskets per acre. Turmeric crop become ready for harvesting within 8 to 9 ½ months after planting depending upon the variety. Both mother as well as finger rhizomes are used for sowing purposes. 550. The seed is sometimes sprouted under moist straw before sowing. 815, The cost of human labor               –  Rs. Typically, it is ready when the leaves turn yellow in color. '&https=1' : ''); Yield of raw finger sets           –           15 to 18 tons/ha. Depreciation was computed for structures like pump set, farming shed and other farm implements etc. 8. Dried turmeric has a rough dull color on the scales. The mother and finger rhizomes are separated before curing. So, for selling 18 quintals the farmer will get Rs. Criteria Determining Harvesting a Crop and Preparation for Marketing, Cultivation of Muskmelon or Kharbooj (Cucumus Mela), Botanical Name and Economical Uses of Sugarcane in India, Preparation of Land for Sugarcane Cultivation, Salient Features of Fertilizer Application of Wheat Crop, Ecological Requirement for Cultivation of Gram, Ecological Requirement for Cultivation of Lucerne, Ecological Requirement for Wheat Cultivation. 5625 per quintals dated on 16- 12- 2019. Decided to come back to farming, agriculture sector as a Farmer and Writer. 2. Usually, harvesting extends from January to March-April. The flowers are pale yellow and are borne on spikes. Soils for Turmeric cultivation should be rich and friable. Beds of 15 cm height,1 m width and of convenient length may be prepared to give at least 50 cm spacing between beds. The leaves turn yellow, begin to dry and drop down. Av. In Turmeric Farming, carefully preserved seed rhizomes free from pests and diseases which are collected from organically cultivated farms should be used for planting. For turmeric number of irrigations will depend upon the soil and climatic conditions. Sometimes bamboo mats are used. Planting season varies with the area of cultivation and variety. 1. 215. Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) is also known as Indian saffron belongs to the family Zingiberaceae is an important spice crop in India. Once cooked, these rhizomes are spread under the sun on cement floor. Usually, raw turmeric will go through the process and then sold to local spice markets. In the case of the irrigated crop, ridges and furrows are prepared and the rhizomes are planted in shallow pits on the top of the ridges. 8000 per acre. If shoot borer incidence is noticed, such shoots may be cut open and larve picked out and destroyed. The barrel is filled with rhizomes and rotated. 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