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Copper and brass resist corrosion and are good electrical conductors. It is also used for making household utensils and other products. Aluminium and copper are useful metals. - OCR 21C, Why are nanoparticles so useful? Bronze was the first to be discovered; it is a mixture of copper (88%) and tin (12%). Aluminium has a low density, so pieces of aluminium are relatively lightweight.

Not only this, steel is used in the manufacturing of major appliances, and also in making of different construction materials, household products, etc. This is why stainless steel does not get rusted or corroded. To form an alloy we need to mix two or more metals together or metals with non-metals. The uses of alloys are vast, and they can be manipulated to serve different functions by combining metals to produce alloys with specific properties ideal for the application. We know that your metals have certain important physical properties such as density, malleability, ductility, conductivity, boiling point, melting point etc. An alloy is a homogeneous mixture of two or more metals. This table shows examples of common alloys that contain these metals: Joining copper pipes and electrical components, Aluminium does not react with water. Aluminium foil is used for wrapping and storing food because it does not react to substances in food.

Nichrome is an alloy formed using nickel, chromium and iron. The very famous alloy of mercury called amalgam finds its application in the medicine domain, dentists often use amalgam to fill the tooth cavities. Alloys of titanium are extensively used in the aerospace industry because of their high temperature strength and superplastic behaviour. Therefore, uses of alloys hold a high degree of importance in our daily lives. Yet another reason to employ alloys in place of pure elements was their better performance against the corrosion, which is a natural and unwanted process of decaying of elements (mostly metals). - OCR 21C, How do bonding and structure affect properties of materials? Many alloys that contain silver in their name usually do not contain silver as one of their constituent elements. What are the Advantages of Using Alloys Over Metals? Stainless steel on the other hand, is mostly used for making utensils and household items. When a metal is alloyed, it becomes inert, thereby enhancing its corrosion resistance. Alloys have different properties to the pure metal.

Alloys give more strength and last for a longer time as compared to metals. Typically, the alloying process includes the melting of two or more elements, pouring them together in a container followed by solidification.
Coulomb’s Law: Definition, Equation & Derivation, 8 Examples of Exothermic Reaction in Everyday Life, 7 Examples Of Simple Harmonic Motion In Everyday Life, Ohm’s Law: Diagram, Equation & Experiment, 26 Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Everyday …. These alloys are designed to have extreme strength, corrosion resistance and efficiency at unusually high temperatures. Alloying can be used to change the colour of the base metal.

White gold, yellow gold, rose gold are various alloys of gold often used in the making of jewelry and accessories. The use of alloys is vast in several different industries, ranging from military and medical equipment to commercial and industrial materials. This makes it suitable for aircraft parts, which must be light and also strong. Malleability is the property of metals by virtue of which they are able to get transformed into sheets. It offers resistance to the flow of electrons and does not get oxidized easily. It is. Addition polymers are made from molecules containing C=C bonds. Due to advanced researches and increase in technical know-hows in manufacturing of alloys there are quite higher number of new alloys be formed with different uses. Sterling silver is used to make surgical instruments, musical instruments, cutlery and pieces of jewellery. A good example to show alloying can improve the above-stated properties is of gold.

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