vodka and sparkling water drinks


In a drink shaker filled with ice, add a half a can of the sparkling water and a shot of the vodka. In an ice-filled cocktail glass, pour vodka and sparkling water. Grey Goose Importing Company, Coral Gables, FL. If you are looking for a sweeter drink, than look for a sparkling flavored water with a no-calorie sweetener. Sparkling water is by far one of my favorite mixers. Please enable JavaScript and refresh the page! Learn how your comment data is processed. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our websiteGot it! Only share with those of legal drinking age. Remember this is carbonated, so don’t go crazy shaking! Try creating variations by mixing with ruby red grapefruit juice, cranberry juice or pomegranate juice and garnishing with cardamom, crushed chipotle pepper, basil, cilantro or vanilla. 3parts. Apple Cider Punch – Spiced Rum Apple Cider Punch, Apple Cider Gin Snap – Apple Cider Gin Mule, Low-Carb Thanksgiving Recipes - Beyer Beware, Orange-Lime Gin Fizz - The Farmwife Drinks, Low-Carb Cocktails and Keto Drinks - The Farmwife Drinks. It is 98 calories in an ounce and a half serving size and no carbs. Stir with a straw and sip your way into low-carb cocktail happiness. Try creating variations by mixing with ruby red grapefruit juice, cranberry juice or pomegranate juice and garnishing with cardamom, crushed chipotle pepper, basil, cilantro or vanilla. Now, let me start by saying this sparkling water is not sweetened. Grey Goose, the geese device and its trade dresses are trademarks. Now when it comes to vodka, I like the Grey Goose cherry noir vodka. When it comes to carb counting, I want to be sure I am certain and want to make sure I am not going crazy on carbs. This pear martini cocktail highlights the vibrant taste of GREY GOOSE® La Poire is deliciously balanced with subtly sweet, crisp flavors to perfectly feature the essence of the prized Anjou pear used in its creation. Method. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Aperitif, Brunch, Cocktail Hour, Digestif, Entertaining, Late Night. Filed Under: iced drinks, Liquor, Low-Carb Drinks, Recipes, vodka Tagged With: Cherry, Grey Goose, Low Calorie Drinks, Low-Carb, vodka, […] Cherry Sparkling Water and Cherry Vodka […], […] Want to avoid carbs and calories, drink water. The crisp cherry flavors of cherry from the dark cherry sparkling water are perfect with a cherry or regular vodka to make a sparkling cherry water and vodka not leaving you wanting a sweet mixed cocktail when trying to stick with a low-carb diet. Some of the site features require JavaScript to deliver optimal experience. It is flavored but no artificial sweeteners. The sparkling cherry water and vodka is a great low-carb cocktail that I am currently obsessed with drinking. Hi - my name is Leah. Beer Margaritas – Three Ingredient Margaritas ». For more information on Alcohol Responsibility visit and Club soda to Bubly to Dasani Sparkling Water, I have them all on hand.Sparkling Cherry Water and Vodka […], Your email address will not be published. 1part. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Add a splash of soda water. When trying to have a low carb diet there are still times a person needs a drink. JavaScript is not enabled! 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