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Find opportunities near you. For employees regularly exceeding their caps, managers might consider more flexible work arrangements. For the first time in history, we are seeing a massive operational remote workforce — and it’s imperative to have the right software tools, policies, and effective management in place so that employees at all levels can be maximally productive. When users are given proper instruction and support, their usage of the tools and their productivity both improve. Simply, your workforce needs the right equipment to do their jobs. For guidance on face coverings, visit the CDC. Corie Frasor, Leann Landry, and Navin Agarwal. If they know their employers are showing true agility and adaptability when it comes to COVID-19 risk prevention, feeling safe about getting to and from the office—not to mention working there regularly again—will be significantly smoother. COVID-19’s Impacts on Utilities . For instance, being available and online during normal work hours. I am even more accessible than the other modals. Microsoft’s usage analytics is a good built-in tool to see how people are working. StewardConnect Patient Portal . Speed is essential to produce and circulate this plan, so hit the ground running by asking your technology teams five key questions on operating as a digital workplace. Want to review your digital workplace strategy with our team? The Weather Channel makes every effort to provide the most up-to-date and accurate data available and uses quality assurance procedures to minimize and correct errors. So you can hit the ground running. The two most promising opportunities for rapid, demand-related IT cost savings are with your cloud provider and software licensing spend. This can take several months to implement at a sizeable organization – both technically and culturally – so start working toward this today. West Monroe analyzed potential impacts beginning to emerge that utilities will need to address through the lens of grid operations, customer operations, workforce management, and financial management. With COVID-19, your ability to operate as a digital workplace is essential, Contributors Latest coronavirus News: Coronavirus in Louisiana: State reports 1,251 new cases, 20 new deaths on Sunday Currently, no known cases have been reported in Ouachita Parish or our surrounding parishes. - Mental Health represents a national challenge, 37% report feeling hopeless 1+ days a week according. Do you have tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, WebEx Teams or Zoom that allow the ability to chat, co-author documents, access important files, and host meetings with video? Wear a mask - 78% of COVID Impact Survey respondents report that they have been wearing face masks in public, as recommended by the CDC. Take control of your data. Practical thinking and advice rooted in real experiences, data, and results Here are four ways to drive tech savings amid the COVID-19 pandemic that can both yield quick wins and position organizations to better endure the pandemic's effects. Traditional ways of working will also change. of West Monroe, LA. With COVID-19, your ability to operate as a digital workplace is essential – even if only for a defined period. Team meetings may have to shift to earlier or later in the day to best fit schedules. Employees will self-report (via online portals, text messages, or apps) and their daily scores will compile toward their overall weekly maximum. With coronavirus, many companies have gone to fully remote work. Risk profiling offers a way for organizations to safely get employees back to work while also giving those employees peace of mind in the workplace, Contributors Collaborate with business colleagues to understand expected transaction volume over the next few months and assess how IT operations can reduce financial impact in the new reality. If not, we recommend taking the proactive step to have enough laptops, headsets, and other hardware for everyone – as soon as possible. (Salesforce recently announced it is suspending non-essential travel for its 50,000 employees.) If a customer can offer increased commitment, reduced risk or future benefit, suppliers can typically provide mechanisms to reduce overall costs. West Monroe is a business and technology consulting firm that’s born in tech and built for business. It will be crucial to augment customer service capabilities by leveraging digital technologies such as self-service web, email, mobile apps, and chatbots to handle routine scenarios to free-up help-desk time for more complex customer service needs. How your management team goes about managing this change can make a significant difference in your results. Grid Operations. Be sure to get care if you feel worse or you think it is an emergency. 1. Are all apps and programs that employees use accessible from home? The organization also must have a checklist of follow-up tasks designed to reduce further risk. From taking pictures with mobile devices to using remote-assistance software, this will be necessary as in-person options subside. To be successful while remote, maintaining that collaboration is critical. You may have to get creative if you are not able to meet and diagnose in-person and still help your remote workforce resolve issues. To address the security concerns these changes represent, here are a couple ideas: When your workforce is remote and trying to figure out new processes and tools on their own, your support desk requests will surge. We may not all be in the same boat, but we are certainly in the same storm. Listen to this on-demand 1-hour virtual roundtable to hear from utility representatives on challenges they’re facing and how they’re responding during these uncertain times. Wash your hands - Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds especially after you have been in a public place, or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. There are short-term and long-term considerations that every IT department in every business must consider today to persevere through the global market shocks caused by coronavirus and come out stronger on the other side. Do they have headsets to make calls and spare laptop chargers at home? If a majority are using risky transportation modes, it means leadership might need to lower their planned office-occupancy rate. A good plan will address six key dimensions: Digital culture, remote work environment, employee collaboration, security, business continuity/resilience and successful support. 11 Small Company Employees took a football quiz during a Fantasy Football Draft Fun Friday Happy Hour at West Monroe Partners in Dallas in August. Safe and efficient: Implementing wellness checks to bring people back to work, Health Systems: Control your supply chain with a consolidated service center, Measuring UX: How to make better, data-driven decisions in your member portal strategies, Telehealth and the future of healthcare in Seattle, Telehealth Key in Redefining Future of Healthcare as Residents, Workers Leave Major American Cities, Transforming crisis into opportunity: The energy sector’s response to COVID-19. For your Microsoft portfolio, carefully review your software assurance program to identify opportunities for removing applications -- depending on your agreement -- to reduce unnecessary software maintenance expenses. If you have desktops in the office and need to allow remote workers access to them, solutions like ConnectWise Control can be integrated with Azure Active Directory, protected with TLS and MFA, and deployed very quickly. The concept of working from home may sound simple, but the preparation that goes into a 100% digital workplace is no small feat. Risk profiling begins with learning how each employee gets to the office. Utilize automated tools to conduct cloud usage audits, which can rapidly identify opportunities to shed expenses. Access to business applications, data, and other technology assets should also be evaluated to remove potential access challenges and block potential security risks as applicable. You can even create workflow articles that mimic the troubleshooting process that people would get from a first-tier agent. The pandemic is causing widespread operational disruption for corporations of all sizes, with impacts on business continuity and the ways in which supply chains, employees, and contractors work together. Our nimble, multidisciplinary teams deliver real, undeniable results. While this data is helpful information, managers still have the task of clearly crafting and communicating expectations for how their teams should interact and collaborate. comprehensive, scalable solution like Work.com, safe, confident work culture and environment. Corporate finance chiefs are boosting cash holdings, slashing costs, and collecting outstanding payments to ensure their companies remain sufficiently capitalized to withstand financial hits from the coronavirus epidemic. The coronavirus pandemic has been a painful reminder to many that the lack of accessible and trustworthy data on customers, vendor partners, employees, and technology resources can significantly slow down decision-making, can result in unreliable decisions, and in many cases can block decision-making altogether. Prior to joining West Monroe, Jukka was the chief health and innovation officer and co-founder of Jiseki Health, Inc., a venture-backed healthcare company focused on using advanced technology to provide better access and care. Considered one of the top healthcare experts in the country, Jukka Valkonen has a longstanding reputation for continuously challenging the status quo and testing what’s possible.

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